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Doggie Days

Well, our little Goldendoodle Lani has made it home. On the passenger seat in her carrier for over an hour, she threw up three times, poor thing. I pulled off the road into an exit each time and covered up the vomit with the small towels I had brought a few of. In order to prevent the dog (or people) to get car sick, I had ordered an anti-static electricity strip from China which the tech at the Ford Dealer attached to the exhaust pipe. The problem was that the strip never touched the ground so it did not work. Many people in the Netherlands use those strips. We did too, and when in Prescott, I brought a few home from a trip to my Mom to attach to our cars and share with my mechanic, who had never seen such a thing. Here, the guy who attached it to my car did not know that the purpose was to unload static electricity by having it occasionally touch the ground. And I, when I finally left the shop,  neglected to see that it was not attached right. I will right that tomorrow.

It is wonderful that Lani sleeps through the night, from 9 to 6. She hardly ever barks, she runs three times half a mile per day with me and is very much at home in her kennel. She went with me to the Vet for the first time and all was well, except she was a little lean, so we can give her half a cup of kibbles twice a day, double of what the trainer gave her!

Our lives have taken on a more structured form, and I actually really like that.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until next time,


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