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Hurricane Florence

A very threatening hurricane is coming our way. Two days ago the stores were all out of D batteries for our flashlights, and when I decided to stop at Costco I could barely get into the gas station area, which has eight pumps with lines of nine cars each. I decided to stay, and had a fill up half an hour later. All these people are preparing for disaster and we live a couple of hundred miles away from the coast!

I had gone all the way to downtown Raleigh that morning to drop off our antique clock. But when I walked into the store the guy said, “I’m sorry Ma’am, but I am not taking in anything this week. The hurricane is coming in and my store will be flooded.”

“Really? Has it happened before?”

“Oh yes. So I have to prepare but I will be back in business after a week or two.”

I asked him to please look at the clock, fearing he would say that he could not fix it, it was too old. But no, he recognized the type, told me that in the eighteen hundreds traveling salesmen would sell them door to door. And that was exactly right, so the story will continue when he is back in business and I hope his store will not be flooded too badly or rather, not at all.

Our cottage is at the lowest end of this campus, so we may see a river of sorts floating by, and walking may be impossible for a while. But the facility is prepared and so are we. My presentation on Thursday has been canceled and, sadly, we cancelled our trip to see the puppies. We have another picture of the three black females at 17 days old, their eyes barely open. One of the three will be ours at Thanksgiving! Do you have a favorite?

It’s a Wonderful World!

Until next Time!


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