A New Life! Retirement at its Best 45

Tan-Thru beachwear.

After I wrote last week about the time that I wore a bikini that let me get an allover tan, one of my dear friends who is a specialist in creating beautiful, exotic skirts and blouses, wrote me that Tan-Thru beachwear is up and coming again! It shows you that when you keep something long enough it will be high fashion again some day (you have to keep living long enough as well of course!). Talking about fashion, and because some of you have asked me where I got my beautiful skirts, I would like you to take a look at my friend’s amazing website, which is as artistic as the fashion pieces she creates: http://www.annakonyadesigns.com.


During our lifetime we set goals for ourselves – at least most of us do. The goals, along the same parallel lines for most of us, have to do with education, then higher education, then they are work related, and family related, goals for retirement, and then, suddenly, we are there: in Retirement. What goals do we set now? Focusing on grandchildren if we have them and if they happen to live close enough to have an active relationship with. But then they go on to college and what’s next for us? What do we live for the rest of our lives?

I love to read and do it more often since I am part-time retired, but I also love to keep active, especially in a place like this, where breakfast and dinner are being served without me having to lift a finger except to put my napkin in my lap. They call it Senior Retirement Living, and it is a blessing for many people, who by necessity are more sedentary and like to spend their days playing cards or Bingo. For some, the goal may be to get up every day and get dressed. I am not there yet.

The goal I have set for most of my days is to walk five miles; sometimes a little less, sometimes more. My feet, therefore, are the most pampered parts of my body and I give them – most of the time – good, sturdy walking shoes. For events at the “Club” I have saved some of my favorite heels, and after living in Hawai’i I can’t do without thongs: I own four pair, stationed throughout the house, where I enjoy the barefoot luxury of the soft carpet after the wood  and tile floors in Hilo and Prescott.

But these goals are just for me. We realized we want to have goals to live for together as well. We found something special to enjoy and give all our attention to for years to come (based on my genes I am looking forward to twenty more years after this Christmas 🙂 and Mike is not far behind). Next week, I will be able to tell you more!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until Next Time,







2 thoughts on “A New Life! Retirement at its Best 45”

  1. Gee Ronny, I’m honored to be mentioned along with the tan-thru suits which I wore since tan lines never worked well with my off the shoulder looks.
    Also, mentioning current goals – 5 miles/day is mine, too. Of course, 1 mile would be good right now. Work seems to get in the way of fitness.
    Your blog continues to be a welcome treasure.

  2. Thanks for your response, Anna Konya. I think that the only time that fitness will not be in the way of work is when you are retired 🙂
    In fact, right now, semi-retired, I feel I spend almost all day on fitness of all parts of my body; it costs a lot of time, but since I have less work to do I have more time to spend, and I feel great.
    I look at your website often, wear your skirts, and no other can compare!


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