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It’s Family Time!  

It’s the year of our bi-annual Family Reunion! We now have two families on the West coast and two on the East coast. For previous reunions, we always found a lakefront home in California, but two years ago, when our family had expanded to 15, there was not a waterfront home large enough with enough beds for all of us. So at the suggestion of one of the grandsons, the one who wants to be a pilot and loves to fly, we broadened our horizon and found a beautiful house on one of the beaches of Oahu. We were lucky and could rent it for ten days instead for the usual week that most homes rent for. We had a wonderful time. It was truly a Paradise Found.

This year, we found a home in Duck, on the grounds of The Four Seasons on the Outerbanks. We are renting it from June  30 until July 7, the only week that all families could make it. One West coast family will come a week early and the other will stay a week after, so everybody has two weeks vacation. Last night, Saturday, the California family has arrived and we will have them plus the three grandsons here over for brunch at the Club and the fun starts there!

So I am taking three weeks off, because I don’t think I will get close to a computer when I’m on the beach or lounging at the pool or walking on the Boardwalk or watching the Fourth of July Parade. I did take a quick picture of our front entrance, where I love to sit in the cool evening hours with a good book and a glass of wine, watching the fireflies flit back and forth. It’s like my little garden.

Have a wonderful time yourselves, my friends, and count on it that I have exciting news by the end of July!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until Next Time,


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