A New Life! Retirement at its Best 34


It’s that time of year again, and I am always looking forward to doing our taxes with TurboTax. We have been doing them ourselves for about fourteen years now, are always early and always got them approved a short time after filing. During the year, Mike is collecting all figures of donations, taxes paid, Medical expenses and the like. That of course is the Lion’s Share (he is a Leo after all). This year, we expected it to be more difficult. We moved from one state to another, we sold a car and bought another one, we sold a home, and more things like that. But when we started, about ¬†week ago, it was as easy as all the previous years, perhaps even easier. It was a good time to do it because we still have not regained our strength, so we haven’t been out a lot. And so, within three days, we e-filed and our returns were accepted, Federal, Arizona and North Carolina, in the same day! We are done with taxes!


On Saturday March 10, I did a Presentation at the White Plains Methodist Church for about 53 men and women; I planned to do the most updated Keynote, but their sound system could not connect with my iPad somehow, so I ended up doing the Power Point one, very similar. Thank heaven (I did!) for an excellent technical helper who figured it all out and made it work.

Today, Wednesday, I am doing another one, a Keynote if it works, at the Cary Senior Center, and they assigned me the Grand Ballroom, as I told you before. Right now there are 53 reservations, a nice crowd. I will have more time today than I had at the church and much more than I will have at the Rotary meeting the day after Easter. For them I will have to work hard at talking less, and forwarding the slides faster. But oh joy! I have a new presenter! It is a Satechi Bluetooth Pointer, and it works like magic. It came in the mail yesterday and I already tried it out with the iPad. Magic! That tiny little thing in my hand can move gigantic slides on the big screen with just a light press of my finger!

The Weather

The last few days have been freezing and last night we got a little wet snow. The third Northeaster is beating the coastal areas north of Washington DC with more than a foot of snow, so we can count ourselves lucky, I guess. The pear trees around the pond are flowering with white blossoms and everywhere on campus red and pink blooms appear also. Today I purchased an armful of daffodils and filled two vases for shut-in friends and one for ourselves. Spring is coming, and we are so looking forward to the warm summer. Island girl that I am, I can’t wait.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until next time!


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  1. Hi Ronny,
    I enjoy reading your musings about your new life and that you are still giving talks on the time of the war in the DEI. That is great that you have that platform. I was thinking have you thought of giving your talks to high school students? My son in law’s grandmother was a holocaust survivor and regularly gives talks to high school students about her time during the war. I have to say that her grandson is a high school teacher so he has been able to invite her to speak. What do you think?


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