A New Life! Retirement at its Best 31


Ah, to be healthy again! It takes a few weeks of being sick to be aware and thankful of good health! Mike must have caught a bug on the plane home from Miami on Tuesday, I got it four days later. It took two visits to Urgent Care in the weekend and trips to the pharmacy and more doctors visits in our home, plus lots of medication to get at least me healthy again. Pretty fast, too, only a week with Tamiflu, I can’t complain. But Mike’s cough is still lingering.

Back at the Club, I noticed several people missing. The flu is going around, to be sure, and people stay in their apartments because of that, one friend was in the hospital for back surgery but is expected back soon, and some friends have moved to Assisted Living. I walked over there after breakfast this morning when I heard that Winnie’s grandson’s wife in Tennessee had been killed in a car accident. Winnie moved to Assisted Living the day after Valentine’s Day, and her husband now has to go to attend the services in Tennessee. A good opportunity to do something fun for Winnie, who can’t go with him because she is in a wheelchair and on oxygen.

Tomorrow morning I will go over and give her a manicure. I’m thinking back to the days when we lived in Pasadena and I learned to apply acrylic nails. One of our friends, a chemist, had developed an acrylic material that could be used for acrylic nails. The only product on the market at that time was called Lee Nails (does anyone remember it?). Well, our friend the chemist asked if I would like to market his product. Since I never say no, at least not in those days, I started on the basics: learning to apply the product, getting to know the tools and tricks of the trade, offering free acrylic nails to friends, finding salons nearby who would be willing to give the product a try.

Oh dear, lots of things are happening here! I hope to continue tomorrow…

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until next Time!


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