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Extra News on February 14, 2018

I love to share with you all a review of my friend Anna Konya.
Check out her website when you have a few minutes…

Review of my Audiobook by Anna Konya (http://annakonyadesigns.com)

Why and when an Audiobook makes more Sense!

“This is just to let you know that I listen to your fabulous story while working on skirts, and I’ve absorbed much more with the audible version. I love hearing the correct pronunciations, the amazing history, everything. There is so much to be done around here that sitting and reading has kind of gone by the wayside. But listening is quite another thing. I’m loving it. Hope you can “read” all your publications. I know it’s quite an undertaking, but I love it, so of course you’ll do it for me, ha!

At the moment I’m on Chapter 23. Wow, what an adventure. And I must say that your life has certainly encompassed many lives. So many of us get stuck in the arms of habit. Listening to your story is a mind opener for me.  Thank you so much, Ronny!”

Anna Konya touches on the fact that for readers who have no knowledge of life in the Indies and all the “foreign” words that are a large part of my book, it is more enjoyable to listen to the story than to read it, precisely because of the better understanding they get of the whole story with the correct pronunciation.

I wrote my books in the first place for the second and third generations of those of us whose parents were incarcerated but could not talk about the horrors of those years. Through the insightful words of Anna Konya I now realize that the Audiobook makes my story more enjoyable for other readers all over the world as well. Thank you Anna Konya!

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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