A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2022-132


I thought last week was busy. But now I am busier than that. On Thursday morning I took Mike to the ER. They admitted him to the hospital that same afternoon because of two infections on both feet and kept him until Sunday afternoon. By the grace of God they discharged him on Sunday, when he proved he could walk a few steps with his walker, and I assured them that I could take care of the feet at home.

It’s wonderful to have him home again, but almost every minute of my time is spoken for. I am reminded of my dear friend in Prescott, who took care of her Dad for years, until he passed. What a labor of love. Hard labor, I know now. Caring for a loved one is one thing, but giving care in every aspect of life, all day long, plus change of medications that have to be taken on an empty stomach or just the opposite, with a meal, at designated times, is an exhausting job. But there are so many moments of joy, of great results, of gratitude, that it’s all worth it. Hospitals are a necessary evil at times.

Flu shots and Covid vaccines, Doctors appointments 

I’m filling our paperwork for the upcoming annual flu shots and the third Covid vaccine with Omicron. I finally got an appointment with and ENT for my dizziness to be checked; Mike got a followup appointment with the podiatrist, but the dermatologist is scheduling as far as December!

Good things

There are fewer Covid cases at the Club, but for now breakfasts and dinners are still delivered to the door, saving precious time. One day next week, we will get our storm door! The weather is still wonderful. Cooler in the early mornings, but still getting up to the sunny high seventies.

And that must be it for this week.

Be thankful for good health and safety,

Until next time,


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