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Facebook (Meta) Portal TV

This is an amazing device that lets you see a whole living room on your large screen TV instead of just a face on a cell phone when you FaceTime with someone. Mike got one for his birthday from our children and we have had many amazing FaceTime conversations with family and friends already. It is a small device, connected to your TV, with a remote control. It only works with people who have WhatsApp, and I have not been able to find all our friends on WhatsApp yet. It works best with others who have a similar device, so that you feel you are in each other’s living rooms! Two of our friends in Holland were immediately interested, and I found it for them on Amazon.nl. All over the world, Amazon has literally everything you would ever need or want, and membership means you don’t ever have shipping costs.

My week in review: dizzying!

After I wrote this paragraph about our new Portal TV, on Saturday, we had a very nice brunch at the Club with friends on Sunday, and then a whirlwind of things prevented me from writing anything else until now.

Monday morning I was dizzy – not pleasant, but a good excuse to stay put in my chair and watch all the procedures around the beautiful funeral service in Westminster Chapel, the tour to Windsor castle and the service there. (Memories came flooding back of a service in Windsor Chapel I attended sixty-three years ago, when I was an au-pair with a family in Northwood for a summer.)  The whole day was impressive and beautiful; I hope many of you saw it live or will watch it later on YouTube.

Then a morning when the dog threw up in my office; an email came from the Executive director that Waltonwood now has six Covid cases. For us that meant filling out menus, breakfasts and dinners being delivered to the door; a visit with Mike to the Podiatrist; several trips to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, a visit from the Primary Care doctor this morning at 7:45, when I had barely stepped out of the shower after walking the dog. I just had time to throw on my robe, put Lani in the office and open the door.

The temperature in the house kept going up yesterday, to 79 degrees, while I had the thermostat at 72. I switched both ceiling fans that we have up to fast speeds, that helped a little where we were sitting. I found out that the thermostat has two AA batteries – five years old by now – which I replaced. Thank goodness Amazon had just delivered a new box of them. A call to the front desk told me the person was on the phone, so I left a message: our air conditioning does not work. Nothing happened, and today nothing had changed: the ceiling fans are working but the temperature in the living room is now 80 degrees. I kept calling the front desk until I finally got a live person and was connected with Maintenance. We will send someone to look at it tomorrow afternoon. 

And then I discovered that it is Wednesday today and I used to publish a new Blog Post at 6:00 a.m. every Wednesday. Well, here it is, hot off the press!

Have a wonderful week, stay cool if you can, and

Until next time!


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