A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2022-130

Our front yard (what’s in a name?) missing from the last post.

Life goes on

The dining room is open for sit down dining five days a week, and for Sunday brunch. We have decided, even if it would be nice to meet people, to pick up dinner and eat at home. Only Sunday brunch is special enough to go and stand in the omelette line and take home some things from the buffet for Sunday night.

A huge downpour filled up the pond again to an acceptable level, and I hope some of the fish survived living in a small puddle. Amazon comes and goes: they have everything under the sun, and I have become a good client. Most often I place an order just before bed, when I remember that there is something I need – soon! And Amazon delivers!

A Thai dinner

Last Tuesday, hosted by her husband and celebrated at our house, we got together with a total of six for a homecoming party with a Thai dinner. I got on the computer and planned to order everyone’s choices from our favorite Thai in Apex, to be delivered by Doordash. Duh! All Thai restaurants are closed on Tuesdays. I knew that of course, but it just had not registered that it was Tuesday. I frantically searched for other Thai menus online, found a Chinese restaurant that had yellow curry and fried rice and spring rolls, and so I ordered, to have it delivered just after our guests had arrived and we had poured some champagne. Well, Chinese Thai curry is just that, Chinese. I handed out chop sticks for some, because you need chop sticks for Chinese food. Thai food is eaten with a spoon and a fork; did you know that? It was not the wonderful food that we had had in mind, but we had a good time and our guests took all the leftovers home, which was great! Later on, when I looked up where this Chinese restaurant was located, I saw that it was all the way in Durham! That is why our Dasher had a hard time finding our address!

Advantage of a dental visit

For me, that is. I had an hour to fill when Mike had his cleaning done, and I opened a book on my Kindle. Wow! It had been months since I read a book. I chose a funny one, and am not sorry. Every free minute I read a little, and sometimes I can’t stop laughing. If you are interested, it’s a book by Dutchman Hendrik Groen, translated from Dutch and now an international bestseller.¬†Two Old Men and a Baby. It was¬†followed by two more books by the same author, and one of those became a movie. It takes place in the Netherlands and the scenes are recognizable for me. But really, anyone, if you want a good laugh, get this book. I am going to sit down and continue reading right now!

Be happy and until next time!


P.S. I was in such a hurry to get to my book, that I forgot to publish it! So here it is, seven hours later!


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