A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2021-98

Misfortunes never come singly

On Sunday after church, Mike sat down in his recliner and suddenly started shaking. I’ll make it brief: E(emergency)M(Medical) S(Services) came, administered medication in the Van, then took him to the ER. It looked like Atrial Fibrillation, irregular heart rhythm. We spent hours at the ER, had dozens of tests done. At 8 p.m. Mike was admitted to a room in the hospital; still on Sunday, and he was discharged today, Tuesday, ¬†at 3:30 p.m. I can’t remember how many tests were done, cardiac and neurological, and of course lab tests, and everything came back negative! That’s good! The last MRI took place this morning, and it was like hell, said Mike. But it is all done now and he was declared in good shape and sent home with some different medications.

What a scare! I’m thankful that I can report a happy ending and we are both turning in early tonight!

May your days be peaceful and happy.

Until next time.




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