A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2021-96

The lists of things to do are getting longer  ——————————————

The days are getting shorter  ——————

And my Blog posts ——–

…are becoming shorter still —-  It is clear: the holidays are near!

Last Sunday we visited a newly discovered Presbyterian Church with our best friends from the cottages and found one of the pastors to be from the Netherlands. So after the service, we “spoke in tongues” for a while, and decided, based on the light and modern setting, the beautiful music, the sermon and the friendly people, that we would visit again next week. In the afternoon we went to our son’s house for a few hours, to watch them in action after setting up their large Christmas tree. Our oldest grandson and his girlfriend were over from Florida, the girlfriend of our second grandson was also there, and we thoroughly enjoyed the interaction of the younger generation.

Our youngest grandson, Peter, had offered a while ago to help me with the outside lights. I would have to order new lights on Amazon, because last year, our whole wall of lights woven through the fence, was so difficult to get off in the January cold, that I took scissors, cut all the light strings and threw them away. However, even though I had planned on buying new lights, that had not happened yet. And last night, when I got a call that Peter and his Dad would be here to put up the lights around 10 a.m., I had to confess that I would have to make an early dash to Walmart to get them. “No, don’t worry about that”, said our son, “We will bring lights in the morning. Just get out the extension cord and the timer and we’ll see you around ten.”

How about that for a wonderful Christmas surprise!

May your days be peaceful but exciting!

Until next time,





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