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Our cottage has a second bedroom (on the street side) and a sunroom (in the back) connected to the living room by a half wall. The sunroom has a door to the patio and overlooks a lawn and the Divide, which is the treed area between Waltonwood and Wimbledon, the next door neighborhood. Currently, the Divide is pretty much see through, but in summer it is densely forested.

Because I am often in my office if I am not running errands, Mike felt lonely during the day and suggested to change my office to the sunroom, and use his desk. He does not use his desk anymore, and so we thought we should give it a try. Our son came over and moved the computer, light, telephone and all cords over to the sunroom five days ago and one thing that I loved was watching a movie on the computer with my earphones in while Mike watched the progression of the War on TV in the living room. I am planning to make my old desk in my office the puzzle table as soon as I have finished the one on the breakfast table that I am doing now. After all, I don’t spend hours doing the puzzle, only do a few pieces at a time. But I love spending time at my computer and I have another good book. However, reading my book in my recliner or in my new office, and writing letters or Blog Posts while the war’s blasts and interviews are going on behind my back are very disturbing. I’m not sure I like the new arrangement. But we decided we would give it a try, and so that’s what we are doing.

Free Audiobooks

Thank you to all who have ordered a free copy of my Audiobook Rising from the Shadow of the Sun. My WWII story is literally being listened to all over the world, even though I am retired since September! I have about six copies left to give away, so if you should know someone who reads audiobooks and would like to read mine, let me know.

Highlights of Oscar Night 22 

I love the Pre-Oscars Red Carpet Show. All the beautiful and the impossible gowns! Some were so elaborate and cumbersome that the ladies wore them only on the Red Carpet, and changed into something else for the party afterwards. Many of the gowns were pencil straight this year, and I envied the slim figures. I thought for sure that boobs were out, but I was wrong. They were back in multiples. Almost all of them for 90% exposed, more natural than before, thank goodness, not as enhanced. There were two very similar dresses with plunging necklines that almost bared all. A joy to watch, with high expectations.

Will Smith, such a fantastic actor, finally earned an Oscar. His wife, despite her problem with alopecia, looked stunning in an amazing emerald designer dress. I think Will’s “slap” was justified. He was protecting his wife from a “jokingly” snide remark. The Academy however, is deliberating on the seriousness of the slap in the face and what to do about it.

Oscar night is probably the one night we stay up late. I was never on the Red Carpet, but I was involved in the modeling and Acting World. Next to fashion modeling, print work, commercials and some Stage in the greater Los Angeles area, I had parts on the set of General Hospital, on Archie’s Place, and, on the backlot of Universal Studios in a scene with Jennifer Aniston, and of course with Jessica Lange in the Pilot of a black and white movie Killer’s Matinee. Fun years!

Health Awareness

When one of my latest blood draws showed a low protein level, I went shopping for food items with protein. Funny, for many years I looked at the Calorie count of products. But now, hoping to boost my protein level, we are eating Tuna sandwiches, cottage cheese and Greek Yoghurt. Three months from now we’ll see if it has worked. We have a blood draw every three months. So far, all levels were good, with the exception of that one, protein. Red wine, we heard recently, does not go well with aging people. They used to say: one glass of wine a day, 2oz for women and 5 oz for men, would be healthy. Mike stopped drinking wine a while ago (but then he is older than I :-)) and I decided to drink wine only at special occasions. I will just make sure there are many special occasions!

May your days be healthy and happy

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