A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2022-112

Whoever thought that going to bed early was a punishment?

Not I! And certainly not these days. Going to bed early is a reward! I like to get nine hours of sleep every night, and if I  do not set my alarm at 6:00 a.m., I may not wake up until an hour later! Most definitely this week I am turning in early, and that after a two-hour nap in the afternoon! I had my final surgery last Thursday. It was more invasive than my previous skin surgeries, which have just healed in four weeks time. All went well and I am managing a schedule of pills for pain control and taking it easy during the day. A friend walks the dog, and help is available for kitchen, laundry and the like. I never had it so good!

Yesterday was my first time out: to the Theatre in the main building, for a memorial service of a dear friend in one of our twelve cottages. Always bouncing back after many surgeries, he finally had to let go. A day before he passed away, another good friend in the cottages died after a long fight with a brain tumor. Sad occurrences of friends close to home. How happy I am to be alive and well!

May the war end soon and may your days be blessed

Until next time,



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