A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2022-106

Art in the Netherlands
Night Watch by Rembrandt, brought to life . . .
The Rijksmuseum museum in Holland had an idea: Let’s bring the art to the people and then, hopefully, they will come to see more – at the museum. They took one Rembrandt painting from 1642, Night Watchand brought to life the characters in it, placed them in a busy mall and the rest you can see for yourself!
Take a good look at the painting above……, then Click to see the video. Make sure the sound is on.
I can tell you that I got chicken skin and have watched it over and over.
Dutch Art in the USA
Van Gogh Exhibition: The Immersive Experience
It is a traveling exhibition that I would love to see – or experience. It is currently in Raleigh, as close to us as it will ever get, but because of Covid we are hesitant to venture among many people in an enclosed environment. Has any of you seen it? Would you give a review? On this Blog Post or in a personal email? I would love to know more.

This week I took time out: I started to prepare for our tax returns.

We have done them together with TurboTax for many years, and it really gets easier every year. Still, it takes time to prepare, and because I want to have them done early again, I have started with the paperwork. We use a TurboTax CD and as soon as our son comes over to fix a computer problem I have been having, I can start on the computer. The darn thing shuts down each time I stop working on it and leave to do something else. Then when I come back I have to start from scratch with name and password and so on. Of course I could choose to stay and keep working and reading and writing until I fell asleep together with the computer.

May your days be fulfilling and happy,

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