A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-84

Too many jobs, too little time!

If you would ask me what in the world I have to do as a retired person, living in a nice cottage, with meals provided and housekeepers once every two weeks, I would indeed be able to give you a specialized list of things I do on any given day. But since you are not asking, I will suffice by saying that the time it takes to complete my daily lists exceeds my 16 waking hours. I know it is unimaginable. But I am not complaining. Better times will come.

Most of the things I do are not chores that I dislike, but they have to be done! And then there are the fun things, like sending a surprise package to our granddaughter for her birthday, and filling a basket with wrapped gifts for a family member who turned fifty, and sending birthday and anniversary cards in the mail or online, and of course take walks with the dog. Because of the 95 degree weather lately, I have been taking her to the Club for indoor walks on the first floor, where it is cool.

And so, with my hula performance coming up on Thursday, I will make this a short Post, promising a more interesting one next week.


May your days be peaceful and happy.

Until next time



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