A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-80

Well, what a week it was!

After watching the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo live, I’ve seen only flashes of the games, and not one Medal Ceremony with national anthems. What I did notice was that someone was handed her gold medal, after which she put it around her neck herself: Covid precautions.

We had a mouse in the pantry for almost a week before finally the Orkin Man came to set two metal traps. I was very sad to see the next morning that the mouse had been caught in both traps, moving them around, and that he was still alive. And suffering. It took Maintenance three hours before they came to take the traps and mouse away, and then they sent two cleaning ladies to disinfect the inside of the pantry while I threw placemats and napkins in the washer and disposed of other things.

For weeks, starting before our vacation, we had an infestation of millipedes in the house, probably due to the extreme heat outside. The Orkin man came three times, and I still spray ant and roach killer on the threshold every night. It feels wonderful not to have to scoop up fifty or more millipedes on my dustpan every morning before I even have coffee! And many more during the day!

We can say those are the blessings of living in a cottage in the woods.

Yesterday I spent two hours driving from the local hardware store to Lowes and then trying to find the third one, to get a rechargeable 9V battery for the sound system I need to use next week for my presentation. Amazon would take too long. But at the end of the day I still don’t have one, and that is frustrating. I should have recharged the existing battery every three months while I was not using it, but during Covid it never crossed my mind that I would ever do a presentation again. I completely forgot about my sound system. Hopefully our son can help tomorrow.

Moesson International 

It’s here! The whole Indo Magazine, dedicated to 65 years of Moesson, and to the 15th of August, the end of WWII in the Dutch East Indies, is beautiful; my story fits right in, four pages with pictures, in the center of the Magazine. Retirement is fast approaching!

May your days be peaceful and happy!

Until next time,


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