A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-75

New Bathroom scents

A new discovery: the carton tubes inside rolls of our toilet paper are now scented with a lavender/vanilla fragrance. The toilet paper itself has that fragrance too, as well as the under-the-counter cabinet, and, last but not least, the whole bathroom is pleasantly scented! What an invention! What a discovery!

New Alzheimers drug

I was very excited to read about the new Alzheimer’s drug Aducanumab or Aduhelm, approved by the FDA, visualizing a cure for many, or at least hope for many. But upon further reading of the reports, I came to realize that it is very controversial, and can have bad side effects. Sigh. There are so many people with dementia around here; Alzheimer’s is only one version of it, and so I am afraid that this disease will stay incurable for many more years.

A visit to a nursing home

On Saturday morning I picked some of the beautiful blue hydrangea that are growing on a large bush next to the cottage across the street, put them in a vase and went to visit a friend who used to live here in Waltonwood but  had moved to the nursing department of a brand new senior care home. The difference with our twelve year old building was amazing. I can only hope that the planned remodeling of our facility will bring a result we can compare with this new complex of buildings. Rumors are that the remodeling will start in August; it was all deferred since February of last year because of Covid.

Buffet stye dinners

It started with the buffet style brunch three weeks ago; because of the ongoing lack of servers and kitchen staff, two  dinners were planned buffet style after that. Very efficient for the staff, it is not pleasant for us. We have to go by the buffet, our plates are filled according to our wishes, and then we have to find a table to sit at. With a walker, even one with a seat, that is not an easy task especially several things come separate, like coleslaw, broccoli salad, rolls and dessert. Then, when we find a table, I have to get water and by the time we are seated and ready to eat, the food is cold. The buffet was planned for Saturday, Sunday and one weekday. We decided that I would pick up dinners on those days or cancel and order from a restaurant; our favorites are Thai, Mexican, Italian and pizza.

A day at the Museum

The Waltonwood bus took five other ladies and me to the North Carolina Museum of Art last Friday, to see the exhibit Art in Bloom, where many local florists had created floral arrangements based on particular paintings. It was delightful and amazing to see all their beautiful creations with fresh and dried flowers and greens from as far as Hawai’i. At the entrance was a “trail” of gerberas in various colors. I was intrigued by the special glass vases and looked for them at the gift shop – no luck. Then there was an arrangement based on a painting of “Madonna and Child”; one based on a painting with the wing of an airplane over a city in the dark with millions of lights; a knight in shining armor; one with a church window and finally an arrangement of giant anthuriums and orchids in the most beautiful, artistic wooden vases.



How wonderful to be able to go out again and see what the world has to offer! Slowly but surely, life is getting back to normal again.

It’s a wonderful Life!

Until next time,








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