A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-72

A tree frog on the wall

When we lived in Hilo, Hawai’i, we thought we heard a nightingale one night – then a similar call in the far distance. Wondering whether that was true, I went to the University to ask, and there they told me it must be a tree frog or coqui, smaller than my thumb and bright green. It was the beginning of a coqui infestation all over the Big Island; the sound of thousands of coqui was deafening a year later, and nothing was able to stop their expansion. It actually became a tourist attraction. 

When we were sitting on the front porch on Sunday afternoon, and I looked up, I saw a little gray frog – white/grey, exactly like the color of the cement it was sitting on. Hours later it was still there; I googled it and found that some  gray tree frogs change their color to the background on which they are sitting, and they eat insects, which explains its proximity to the outside light fixture. My first reaction was how can I catch it without dropping it, and take it to the little pond in our back yard. Then I had second thoughts. 

I once went through quite a hassle to catch a small turtle I found crossing the trail in Wimbledon and take her all the way to the pond. I put her half way into the water, where she sat, motionless, while five turtles from the pond swam up to her, as close as one foot away, to check her out. Then I decided she was probably a pet turtle who had run away and did not belong in the pond at all. So I took her back to the trail and it quickly shuffled away in the dry leaves.

So I will keep my eye on this little tree frog and hope to see it move sometime. I would really like to hold it in my hands and look at it up close, but that would scare it, i’m sure. On Monday, it was still sitting there, in the corner of the brick wall, motionless.                        

On Tuesday morning it was gone, leaving a deposit. I was glad I did not try to move it. It got there on its own, climbed the wall, ate bugs to its heart’s content, and left its mark before leaving.

Thai dinner

On Saturday night, when the Club menu was not looking good, we invited good friends from the cottage across the street for a catered Thai dinner. We had a wonderful evening and delicious food, and the Brut Champagne we opened went with it very well.

The 84- year old champagne glasses we have were a wedding gift to the wonderful Pasadena couple who were our neighbors when we emigrated to the US. We became very good friends and threw a combined surprise 45th Wedding Anniversary party for them and my parents at our house up the hill in 1982. My parents were staying with us to celebrate their anniversary, and the party was a secret for them as well. One of our wonderful parties and fond memories.

Anyway, when Johnny passed away, and Ann went to an Assisted Living, she gave me her six champagne glasses, dating back to 1937. We still have five of them and have used them often 🙂

And this must be the end of my post because of meetings I had with Management and the sales office yesterday afternoon, walks in Wimbledon, and more.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

Until next time,


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