A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-37

Beware of merchandise from China!

I fell for it several times, but now I have learned my lesson. In the beginning of the pandemic I ordered hand sanitizers and face masks. I could not get them in any store, even Amazon was out, so when I saw them online I placed an order. I also ordered filters for my Robot vacuum cleaner. The only problem with those orders was that I ordered them in March and they arrived at the end of July. But then I ordered from a catalog two cute summer dresses and a beautiful, lacy bra, without (cancer causing!) underwires, that supposed to improve my posture. Ha! One of the dresses “looks like a nightgown” said my husband. And the material and color of the second one were so cheap, flimsy and shiny that I did away with it immediately. Returning it had no sense: if they even would accept a return it would take three months before it got there and another two for my refund; if there was a refund.

Then there was that beautiful bra. The way they showed how to put it on in a video was fast and easy. Yeah right! I had ordered a size M, because I wear a Medium in about everything. I could not even get this over my head! So I immediately emailed the company that this bra would fit my twelve year old granddaughter, not me! I would like a return address to get a refund. Their fast response: no returns after 14 days. Me: I contacted you in one day! Your sizes are not for the American market! They: only returns if product defective. I gave up, because their policy said if you do not get your refund when item is defective, send us an email. It had taken seven weeks for this order to reach me! And four reminder emails. I lost. But not completely. Because I happen to have a 12 year old granddaughter. I sent the bra to her and she liked it, but still has to grow into it in a year or so. She is happy and in the mean time I am not bra-less, but none is as pretty as this one was.

Euthanasia en pleine vue

On my evening walks with Lani, which take me several times around the Club, I often stop to chat with the two or three people that sit outside by the main entrance to catch a breeze after dinner. That is also important for Lani, to get her used to other people, socialize her. Last week, they told me a story that was hard to believe. One of the ladies in Independent Living had a little old rescue dog that she adored. She had her for years. She would walk Bonzo slowly with her walker at first, later on she trained her on paper in her apartment. One evening, Mary came outside with Bonzo slowly following, spread out a little blanket for Bonzo to lie on and sat down. Her Veterinarian drove up, came out of her car with a bag, sat down with teary-eyed Mary and Bonzo, and proceeded to euthanize the little dog – all that under the eyes of two or three Residents. The Vet took Bonzo’s body with her and Mary went back inside. That is the saddest story I have ever heard. Because of Covid no outsiders are allowed inside. That’s understandable, but the Vet could have come in a Van and do the procedure inside, privately, with Mary comforting Bonzo for the last time. What has this world come to?

By the way, talking about euthanasia made me think of my last book Anguished by Ronny Herman de Jong. It is really a short story, only available as an e-book. I do hope, especially if you have read my previous book Rising from the Shadow of the Sun, that you will take the time to read it. I write about a hair-raising event that happened to my mother and me when she was 101 years old and all alone in an Assisted Living after my little sister Paula had died of cancer. And if you have an opinion after reading it, I would appreciate a review on Amazon.

Salon visit

On September 1 I finally arranged for a hair cut after six months. I kept hoping the lockdown would end and I could go to my outside salon, but the end is not in sight yet and my hair was almost down to my shoulders. In July, the hair stylist and manicurist were allowed on the property again, but all the ladies stood in line for perms and hair cuts and so the first available appointment was last Tuesday. At the rate of one person at a time that is understandable, and from my point of view the wait was alright, because I kind of liked my longer hair – the humidity made it curl nicely! Anyway, everything was sanitized before I could come in and sit down, and both the stylist and I kept our masks on during the whole process. After showing her eight pictures of the way I wanted it to look, the result was not bad, let’s say four stars. If I can show her one more picture of how to cut it next time, and that turns out well, I will stay with her. She is good at what she does, everyone likes her, and she has been here for ten years, so it will be an advantage ten years from now if I don’t have to go off campus for hair cuts.

During these six months of lockdown I have learned that my body heals itself with a little help, I have learned to depend on myself for maintenance of hands and feet and more, and I can shop by mail for everything from groceries to clothing to gifts for others, Hallmark cards and more. So am I ready to give up my car? No way! I love to drive and I love my car. My mother gave up her bike when she was 94 because she had started to develop Macular Degeneration. With 20/40 eyesight, it will take me more than twelve years to give up my car. It is more likely that my car will give up on me! And as far as my bike is concerned, I gave that up forty years ago! Biking up and down the hills in Pasadena was impossible. I preferred walking 3 miles around the RoseBowl every day with our dog Barney.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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