A New Life! Retirement at its Best 2020-14

Stricter Measures still

Our retirement community is one of a chain of like facilities with headquarters in Michigan. Guidelines and Orders as well as daily menus are all coming from Michigan. We in the Cottages have been getting our “news” and updates on menus and programs in a folder at the front desk of the main building. Sometimes we get the news too late: if the activity has already taken place and we did not get the announcement until the evening, well, too bad. Now, things have changed. We have been getting one or two letters a day from the General Manager. They get delivered to our cottage and clipped to the front door with a plastic clipper that was glued to the doors a few months ago: for up to the minute news and announcements. Yesterday, we were informed that from now on we will get three meals delivered to our cottage: the dining room at the Club will no longer be used for meals. We got a large sheet with menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each person for today. We filled it out and put it back on the front door, as they requested. This morning, the menu was gone, and around 8:45 a.m., someone rang the bell and we found our breakfast on the chair by the front door. What a tremendous organization. We had more for breakfast than we normally have, and have not even finished the orange juice and milk. It is truly amazing and we feel safe and very well cared for.

Because lunch is not really included in our rent, we will now be charged $5 for lunch and $5 for delivery. Breakfast and dinner are still free of course. We don’t order lunch, because we still have enough supplies in the house to make our own for several weeks, and Lani gets her rubber toy filled with peanut butter and three green beans daily. We have enough peanut butter but are running out of green beans so I requested a handful of raw green beans from the kitchen on our dinner form. And yes, they sent a box with raw green beans special delivery!



The parked cars, the benches along the road, the roads themselves and sidewalks on campus show a layer of yellow pollen. Lani comes home after our walks with yellow paws and a yellow face since she is skimming the grass with her nose. A lot of pollen floated on the surface of the pond and collected in one corner. I took a little video and tried to get it in this post. If you are connected to the internet, click on the link above; on the page that opens click on the long version of the link; you will see a small picture on a dark page. Click on the picture and you will see the video. the water is rippling because of the fountain in the center of the pond. Isn’t that interesting?

The other day, when I picked Lani up from a half day at Camp Bow-wow, she smelled and so I shampooed her in the bathtub for the first time. The last time I bathed her was in the kitchen sink! She gets groomed officially every 7 weeks or so, but this time she needed an in-between bath. Going for her grooming session this week is out of the question, though, because we are in lockdown. So I will have to comb her knots out of her fur and if that does not work I’ll have to clip them out. With the lockdown in place, I will have time for that; I hope to have time for reading too. Reading, reading and more reading; too many things used to take priority daily, but now….

It’s a Wonderful Life!

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