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Is forgetting age-related or is it contagious? In my case, I like to think that it is contagious, being among so many seniors daily who forget everything, your name, where you came from, appointments, taking medications, you name it, people will forget things. In my case, this is what I forgot.

Coming home after shopping at Costco last Tuesday morning, I discovered that part of the groceries had slipped off the back seat onto the floor of the car. So I picked up the plastic bag with ten bananas that was on top of the groceries and put it on top of the car, temporarily, so I could pick up the pears and coffee and other things. I took everything inside and put things in their places. I forgot the bananas on top of the car.

The following day I took Mike to a dental appointment and ran errands in another part of town for a couple of hours, then we went home and enjoyed the rest of the Wednesday. On Thursday at lunch time, I could not find the bananas I knew I had bought at Costco. Could they still be in the car? No, the back seat was empty. Then, when I closed the door and looked up, there they were! Saved by the luggage rack on top of the car, and not in the least damaged by the ride or the hot sun, it was a miracle; but one I never want to repeat. I was lucky. Just imagine I had left my wallet on top! It would have slipped out from under the bars and fallen somewhere on the freeway!


For the past two weeks our kitchen went through a remodeling phase. The private dining room  was serving as a storage room with sheets in front of the windows, the tables in the dining rom were put closer together and an outside catering service served breakfast, lunch and dinner, all dished up in the Café and brought to the tables. It took only one day for the servers to make everything move smoothly. In the meantime, the whole kitchen floor was pulled up with a lot of noises and dust, and replaced with a smooth epoxy surface that will be easy to clean. In preparation, the workers taped large sheets of clear plastic to the two door openings and in one of them installed two 6′ red zippers. Kind of a clever way to do that, easier than putting a zipper in a garment. They taped two 6′ long zippers to the plastic, about 2′ apart, and then cut a slit in the back of each along the full length. It worked beautifully. When both zippers were up, the flap allowed workers to go in and out.

The catered food was all right, but we were happy when we could resume the old routine, with the breakfast buffet in the center and oatmeal and grits, raisins and cottage cheese back instead of the large baskets full of sweet rolls and pastries, which, believe it or not, gets boring after ten days.


Would you believe we had a Halloween Party last night at the Club? In the Café delicious treats were served with peach punch, and one of the Residents played many familiar songs on his accordion. He was a professional in “his previous life”, who once performed with his group in Carnegie Hall! Many people, including the new manager, who arrived two days ago, were in costume, some very good ones. Mike wore a captain’s hat and I had my hair long, and a black mask on my face, so many people had to do a double take to recognize me. It was fun, and now it’s back to the Audiobook, burning a disk for a presentation later this month in Sanford, where they don’t have a big screen an a projector, but I can play a DVD to show on the TV. I have never before burned a disk but assume that with an intelligent computer like mine it will be a synch!

It’s a wonderful Life!

Until next time!



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