A New Life: Changes and Great Expectations! 2023 – 02

62 and counting!

What a wonderful day it was yesterday: our 62nd wedding anniversary. Nobody visited, but everyone was present. Surprises kept coming. An e-card with a pink champagne wish, a box with six fresh, warm donuts, cards, and texts from the grandkids, a bouquet of cream colored roses, another bouquet of mixed flowers and a bottle of champagne. Oh, a small one, so that we could finish it in one night đŸ™‚

In the morning I went to a coffee gathering at the Club, where I met many of the neighbors. In the afternoon, our next-door neighbor brought the huge trash and recycling bins from the street all the way to our garage. And to top it all off, Steven, the Chef, delivered a delicious dinner of Chicken Wellington, fresh green beans, a green salad and a three-layer chocolate dessert.

Would you believe that we have a professional caterer, Chef Steven, living around the corner? He has a 500 square foot kitchen at his house; his wife makes delicious desserts. Every Tuesday night we can sign up for a delicious dinner, and often Steven saves two plates for us on Thursdays, when he caters a luncheon for a large group in Raleigh. The portions are so generous, that we sometimes have enough for lunch the next day.

On Monday morning, when I walked Lani before daybreak, I heard the plaintive sound of a Mourning Dove. I had never heard a sound like that in nature, and yet, I knew it. Many years ago, our daughter gave my mom a clock: a large, round clock with a green rim. Does anyone remember seeing or having a clock like that? At every hour, a different bird made a distinct sound. And I believe that at 4 o’clock it was a Mourning Dove’s call. I would like to know if I remember that correctly? I had no idea then, what it looked like, but now, when I googled it, I learned this: it used to be called Carolina pigeon or Carolina turtledove. It makes sense then, that I never heard it in Arizona or Hawai’i. 

I’m back at the computer, but can’t promise I will post regularly on Wednesday. Take it or leave it. I hope you will take it đŸ™‚

Be thankful, be happy, be loving and kind

Life is precious, but getting shorter by the day



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