A Flashback to the Post-WWII in Southeast Asia

Eyewitness Testimonial 

Two weeks ago I posted a testimonial from Corrie den Hoed, one of the three people in my mother’s camp diary who are still alive today. This week you can read a testimonial from Rob Vierhout, in his own words.

“As a child I was interned with my mother and two brothers in the same camps as Ronny, her mother (Aunt Netty) and her sister Paula. Because of Aunt Netty’s detailed journal Ronny was able to clearly relate how desperately women and children tried to survive in overcrowded concentration camps under very harsh conditions and cruel treatment by the Japanese guards.

I feel great admiration for Aunt Netty who not only had the strength and courage to support her own family and keep a journal, but supported others like my mother and her three young boys as well.

Because of her support we were able to continue to live normal lives again in complete freedom when our families were reunited after the Japanese surrender on August 15, 1945.

In her Memoir Rising from the Shadow of the Sun Ronny describes the experiences of her father who escaped the camps and joined the Allied Forces; the years she, her mother and little sister spent in Japanese prison camps and the return of her family to a normal existence after the liberation. In addition she illustrates that despite the suffering the Japanese had caused life can hold hope and joy.”

I met Rob Vierhout and his wife in November 2011, and did not recognize the old “Robbie” after so many years. They came to my mother’s memorial service and it was a total surprise for me to see him again. Time was too short to share our lives, but thank heaven for email!

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